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Welcome & Birthday party in Golden October  
People who received more benediction on their birthday will fell much more sense of approval and happiness. Sinowon shall not miss any opportunity to bring each employee pleasure. We always hold birthday partiy for those born in the same month, which make us feel warm and beloved. To be honest, we become closer to each other, and a sense of belonging and group cohesion grow out. 
In the harvest and sweet- blossom autumn, we not only welcome our motherland 66th birthday, but also we have three colleagues who harvest their love and get married. We take the opportunity of birthday party to congratulate their marriage.

There are no flowers but applause, no wine but blessing. Singing, praying, blowing out candles, cutting cakes, giving gift, what a joyful atmosphere.
Eating cakes

Against the pale yellow candlelight, our face turns gold just like the warm bright blessing. 

Authentic Guangdong flavor makes us cannot stop. The smell of the birthday cake and delicious dishes floating in the air record the happy night and wait for the next party!