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Professor Ji Joongjo from JIST visited the headquarter of Sinowon
Warmly welcome the professor Ji Joongjo from South Korea Jidao Institute of science and technology,  a member of South Korea KATS ISO/TC213 National Standard Committee, to the headquarter of Dongguan Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited on Aug. 28th, 2017. Professor Ji visited the Sinowon Customer Experience Center and verified the measuring accuracy of AutoVision 432 with the German special gauge, with the measuring error within 3 um during the first operation. Professor Ji and his fellows visited the product line of Sinowon auto vision measuring machines. They thought highly of the accuracy, material, technic, design and production management of Sinowon instruments, and thought Sinowon has stepped into the advanced rank in the relative industry. Pro. Ji said, ‘the market need the enterprise like Sinowon who devoted itself into the measuring industry. I’m willing to build the communication bridge of Sinowon and S. Korea enterprices and write the new chapter of the friendship between China and S. Korea’. Meanwhile, pro. Ji encouraged all the Sinowon fellows by saying, ’Measuring industry is the promising industry. Sinowon needs persistence to climb the new peak with the innovation method.