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Warmly welcome Mr. Han dewei to visit Our headquarters

Senior professor of Central South University Mr. Han Dewei, devoted his life to applied research metallographic analysis and hardness testing, participated in five national large-scale metal hardness • UTS appraisal, and write books about a dozen of the metallurgical analysis, metallurgical analysis of China development and popularization of hardness measurement technology made outstanding contributions! Professor Han was invited on May 17, 2013 to visit our company to guide the work of our R & D department and business unit colleagues made Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers hardness testers about measurement methods and practical applications, and to visit the Division I independent research and development of ultrasonic hardness production line, ultrasonic hardness measurement precision and repeatability of SU-100 gave a high evaluation, and our future prospects full of hope!

Finally, Professor Han signed in his book on his personally written "Metal Hardness Testing Technical Manual", and encouraged our R & D staff stay motivated, be highly committed to research and development work for the Chinese manufacturers durometer competition to win a place with high-end counterparts in Europe and America!

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