Color Touch Screen Digital Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester DigiRock DS3 811-230
● Half automatic hardness tester except for loading initial force and adjusting force knob. Operation is very convenient and fast;
● Color touch screen, displays loading force, indenter type, dwell time, and conversion scale;
● Motorized control 
of loading, dwell and unloading, eliminates error by manual operation;
● Built-in micro processor automatically computes max, min, average and deviation value, resolution is 0.1HR, largely improving accuracy;
● Auto hardness conversion to other scales, no need to check 
conversion table, therefore improving working efficiency;
● Support multiple languages, English, Turkish, German, etc. Convenient for local customers operation;
● With 2000 single testing results and 1000 group results. Reviewing results and analysis;
● Optional blue tooth mini printer is available.

Product Name Color Touch Screen Digital Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester
Model DigiRock DS3
Code# 811-230
Rockwell Scales HR15N、HR30N、HR45N、HR15T、HR30T、HR45T
Preliminary Test Force 3kgf(29.42N);Permitted Error::±2.0%
Test Force 147.1N(15kg)、294.2N(30kg)、441.3N(45kg) ; Permitted Error:±1.0%
Dwell Time Adjustable 1-60s
Hardness Indication 5.2” Touch Screen, Resolution:640x480
Resolution 0.1HR
Loading Control Auto Loading/Dwell/Unloading
Conversion Standards ASTM、DIN
Language Option Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, Turkish,  Czech, Korean
Correction Range -3.0HR to +3.0HR, Step 0.1HR
Data Memory 2000 Single Measuring Result, Curve Analysis,Results Reviewing and Analysis
Data Output Optional Blue Tooth Mini Printer
Max. Height Of Specimen 175mm
Instrument Throat 165mm
Power supply AC220V/50Hz;AC110V/60Hz
Dimension(LxWxH) 546x182x755mm
Packing Dimension 620x460x870mm
Gross/Net Weight 120Kg/90Kg
Execution Standard GB/T230.2, JJS Z2245, EN-ISO6508, ASTME-18