Motorized Ultrasonic Hardness Tester SU-300M 882-141M
SU-300M Introduction:
SU-300M Motorized Ultrasonic Hardness Tester is a popular portable durometer made by Sinowon group. It applies method of ultrasonic contact independence to makehardness testing at the spot or in the laboratory.
SU-300M is a perfect portable durometer for hardness testing about the coating and plating, it can measure the hardness of chrome, copper plating, carburized layer andNitriding layer effectively.
SU-300M is a NDT durometer due to the contact indention is too small to observe, it is one of the excellent solution totest hardness of finished products, such as, the mold, gear, shaft, rod, screw, rails, etc.
SU-300M can not only work with the motorized probes, but also work with the manual probes, which is able to meet the different application in light of different condition of surface roughness.
SU-300Mconformsthe standard ASTM A1038-2005, DIN standard DIN50159-1-2008 and China National standard GB/T 34205-2017.


SU-300M Characteristics:
● Perfect Accuracy——±3% HV, ±1.5HR, ±3%HB
● Microscopic Indentation—— Only high-power microscope can observe the indentation
● Quick Measurement——Result in 2 seconds
● Large LCD Display——Directly display measurement result, times count, maximum, minimal, average and deviation. 
● Friendly Operation——Operate well after short training
● Promised Warranty——2-Year warranty for main unit (Excludes Probe)
● Mass Storage——Save 1000 groups measurement data
● Simple Calibration——Save 20 groups calibration data for invoking, improve calibration efficiency.

1、Wide Application, Powerful Function
Motorize Ultrsonic Hardness tester is designed with modular template, collocation with motorized probe MP-300, MP-500, MP-800, MP-1000, which can be measured flange edges and gear root of stamping parts, mould, sheet, hardening surface of the tooth and gear and taper part hardness; And hardness of the shaft, the pipe including inside and outside wall, container, the wheel, turbine rotor, bit blade , HAZ weld, printing roller, injection molding machine screw parts ,etc.
SU - 300M can measure the vast majority of the hardness of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and the alloys in industrial production, and it is a kind of perfect testing instruments. By comparing method, it can measure the material hardness of HRA, HRB, HRC, HV, HBW, HS and steel hardness at production line and laboratory.
Motorized ultrasonic hardness tester SU – 300M can be added with manual probe HP - 1 k, HP - 2 k, HP - 5 k, HP - 10 k to measure rough samples.
SU - 300
can measure the hardness of coating, also known as the coating hardness tester, the portable Vickers coating s hardness tester.

2、Amazing Design, Exquisite Workmanship
Innovative use of ergonomic, streamlined design, exquisite metal exterior, metal and glass panels presented a smooth flowing, environmentally friendly yellow screen buttons, and side power supply control switch, it has been such a high level of design and manufacturing process; it is all that achieved the prosperous Ultrasonic Hardness Tester incredible perfect look.

Product Name Ultrasonic Hardness Tester
Model SU-300M
Code# 882-141M
Optional probe  Manual Probe:10N、20N、49N、98N ;Motorized Probe:3N、5N、8N、10N
Measuring Range(ASTM) HBS:100-500; HV:100-1500; HRC:20-68; HRB:55-100; HRA:37-85; Mpa: 255-2180N/mm
Measuring Accuracy  Scales  ﹤250HV 250~500HV 500~800Hv ﹥800HV
HV0.1 6 7 8 9
HV0.3 6 7 8 9
HV0.8 5 5 6 7
HV1 5 5 6 7
HV5 5 5 6 5
HV10 5 5 5 5
Hardness Scales  Vickers(HV);Rockwell C(HRC); Rockwell A(HRA); RockwellB(HRB);Brinell(HB)
LCD  Color Screen   
Data Display  LCD Backlight, Adjustable     
Language  Chinese, English, German, Portugese, Turkish
Data Output  RS232 Hyper Terminal/Bluetooth  Printer 
print Bluetooth 
Data Storage  To save 1000-groups of measuring data and 20-groups of calibration data
Word input         Letters and numerals 
Working Environment       Temperature: -10°C to 50°C ;    Humidity :30%-80% R.H.     
Battery Voltage      Rechargeable lithium battery  ; Voltage :4.2V, 4800mAh     
Recharger Voltage  AC220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Main unit Dimension and Weight Main unit Dimension :160 x 80 x 30mm (L x W x H);Manual Probe:Φ22×153mm ; Weight(No Probe): 0.5Kg     
Packing Dimension and Weight Packing Dimension 320 x 430 x 155mm (L x W x H) ; Packing Weight (Standard Delivery)4.3Kg     
4、Standard Delivery:
Product Name Code # Product Name Code # Product Name Code #
Instrument Main Body 882-141M 10N Motorized Probe 882-251 Anti Vibration Case 882-901
Standard Rockwell Block 882-641 Probe Cable 882-801 Screw 882-951
USB Recharger 882-851 COM Cable 882-810 Operation Manual SU-300M
Qualification Certificate SU-300M Packing List SU-300M Warranty Card SU-300M

5、Motorized Probe : 

● Introduced latest ultrasonic sensor technology
● Obtain accurate hardness value without auxiliary devices
● Excellent human engineering design easy to hold
● Quick and accurate measuring for edge and fixed position of specimen
● Micro indentation, no destructive for specimen
● Motorized control, one key fast measuring
● Eliminate hand shake error by manual probe, higher accuracy and repeatability
● More suitable for thin pieces, coating layer hardness
Probe Type MP-300 MP-500 MP-800  MP-1000
Code# 882-211 882-231 882-241 882-251
Loading force  3N 5N 8N 10N
Diameter 46mm 46mm 46mm 46mm
Length 197.5mm 197.5mm 197.5mm 197.5mm
Oscillating Rod Diameter 3.7mm 3.7mm 3.7mm 3.7mm
Min weight of test material  0.3kg 0.3kg 0.3kg 0.3kg
Min thickness of test material 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm
The newest Ultrasound Hardness Tester SU-300M will take standard delivery with its own intellectual property rights, 10N motorized probe MP-1000. MP-1000 motorized probe embodies the creative wisdom from research and development team in SINOWON, and the front end with a support with a magnetic force ring, so that it can automatically absorb sample with magnetic. Flat support ring + initiative magnetic adsorption design to allow the operator to magnetic force field measurement, eliminate hand shake error by manual probe, higher accuracy and repeatability.

When the MP-1000 motorized probe removes the plane of the support ring, it can immediately measure deep grooves, the grooves, cylindrical and other shaped pieces, so that customers no longer worry about measuring shaped specimen; Ultrasonic Hardness Tester SU-300M from SINOWON is not only equipped with a leading international level, also filled the gaps in demo market.SINOWON will continue to provide our new and old customers with more qualified hardness testers; let's hardness measurements more accurate and uncomplicated.
6、Block Specification:
Hardness Range  Code# Uniformity Roughness  Dimension
(58~65)HRC 882-611 ±1.5HRC Ra=0.02um Ø90x16mm
(38~45) HRC 882-621 ±1.5HRC Ra=0.02um Ø90x16mm
(28~35)HRC 882-631 ±1.5HRC Ra=0.02um Ø90x16mm
(50~999)HV 5 882-652 ±3% HV Ra=0.02um Ø90x16mm
(50~999)HV 10 882-662 ±3% HV Ra=0.02um Ø90x16mm
(85~550)HB 882-673 ±3%HB Ra=0.02um Ø90x16mm


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